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7 Best Driver Easy Alternatives To Update Windows Driver In 2020

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If you want to see only a particular video and others aren’t that necessary for you then this feature is of great use. To do so you need to click on the required user’s avatar will eventually make the video pop-out from others. Look at top-left for the Discord icon and go to the “Homepage”. Then click on “Friends” which will open the Friend list. Then select Game Activity, and click Add it at the top of that tab. You can also check for background programs on your system tray.

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  • To use launch options, make sure to add them in the General tab.
  • If you’re noticing slow performance in Windows 10, try changing the Initial Size and Maximum Size to the Recommended File Size for both.
  • It scans your PC for out-of-date, missing, and mismatched drivers and downloads and installs up-to-date versions safely, thanks to automatic restore points and driver backups.
  • In many tablets, this specific button combination also works to take screenshots.

Without digging into more about its features and functionalities, let’s get to the blog.windll.com/how-to-set-up-miracast-in-windows-10-11-fix-it-if-it-stops-working/ point directly. Since taking screenshots is one of the best ways to gather and store a piece of content/information so people do use it oftenly.

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If updating the keyboard driver does not work, check if the PrtScn key is enabled or not. Users also reported having problems because they could not find the Print Screen “PRTSC” and “Fn” keys. The “PRTSC button” can be found on the right-hand side of the topmost row; whereas the “Fn key” is in the lowermost row on the left between the “Ctrl” and “Windows” buttons. If you’re still having problems, use the “Snip & Sketch” tool that comes with Windows 10. The options available to you are “rectangular”, “freeform”, and “fullscreen”.

Driverpack Solution

The keyboard shortcuts buttons option is always preferred to hold for a snip shot. Because these are easy to use for the active window image file.

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