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Communal Tension remains unabated in Bihar’s Four Districts.

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बिहार के चार जिलों में सांप्रदायिक तनाव थमने का
नाम नहीं ले रहा है.

Patna ( April 4, 2023) By Wakeel Ahmad. Tension still gripped the four districts of Bihar after days of Ram Navami festivities. Following the clashes between two communities over minor disputes during the Ravnavami procession, tension still remained unabated in the districts of Rohtas , Biharsharif, Bhagalpur and Gaya. Administration has imposed 144 of the criminal procedure code in the district headquarters of Rohtas and Nalanda. Apart from it, the administration has suspended Internet service in both towns till Sunday. Heavy military Forces have been deployed. Markets and institutions remained closed and roads wore deserted look for not plying of the vehicles on the roads.

Additional security forces have been beefed up in the periphery of Dubbo and Dhakain in Chakand under Gaya and Naugachia of Bhagalpur. The police have arrested about 77 people who were allegedly indulged in whipping up communal tension by pelting stones and torching vehicles, shops public properties during the Ravnavami procession. Speaking to media persons, Mr Nitish Kumar said that it appeared that it was deliberately created to rip the social fabric apart in the state.Mr Kumar said it is a sad matter and prompt action would be taken against those who are involved in fanning communal tension. He further said that he has directed the high official to probe the matter in order to take action on such matters.
Home Minister and Senior BJP leader Amit Shah proposed a visit on April 2, in Sasaram just a day before Communal tension got canceled. He was to address a public meeting in Sasaram.

Mr Shah is likely to arrive in Patna on Saturday on a two day visit to the state to meet top party leaders.

RJD and JDU leaders blamed the right wing forces that they are responsible for communal conflagration in the state ahead of Shah’s visit.

Tension erupted on Thursday in Shahjalal locality in Sasaram during Ram Navami procession when some locals reported to have objected to a group of youths for parking bikes and slogans raised by them. Soon the situation became tense and a motorcycle was damaged by some people. However , the administration reached the spot and controlled the situation by having a talk with both the community.

In Biharsharif, tension erupted on Friday evening over the dispute of route and loud music during Ram Navami procession. But,clash went on increasing with the burning of a dozen of vehicles. People received heavy injury partly because of stone- pelting partly because of fire being opened on them, said police official. It is noteworthy that Nalanda is also the home District of Bihar CM Nitish

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